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Q-Ball® S

Stable + light as a feather for oscillating machines such as vibrating screens.

REMBE® Q-Ball® S

Flameless pressure relief for dynamic requirements.

The Q-Ball® S guarantees safe indoor explosion venting. Efficient cooling inside the Q-Ball S prevents escaping flames and pressure effects that otherwise result from an explosion. A specially designed substructure and minimal power-to-weight ratio allow the Q-Ball® S to be attached directly to the oscillating system. The Q-Ball S, with its newly developed spherical quenching factor , ensures maximum venting efficiency so there are no costly extensions or conversions. This provides optimized protection by reducing the required vent area.
The Q-Ball® S, unlike conventional flameless explosion venting devices, was therefore specifically developed and customized for oscillating and vibrating plant components with additional high dynamic requirements and KSt values up to 265 bar*m/s.
REMBE® Q-Ball® S with Accessoires

Sanitary Cover

protects the Q-Ball® S against dust from outside sources.

SK signaling unit

uses the closed-circuit current principle.
  • The only approved flameless explosion venting for oscillating and vibrating systems with high dynamic requirements.
  • Maximum venting efficiency due to spherical quenching factor.
  • Easy maintenance due to integrated inspection opening.
  • Integrated signaling for reliable monitoring.
  • Can be used flexibly indoors and outdoors.
  • Simple retrofitting of existing explosion vent installations possible.
The special stainless steel mesh filter inlet developed by REMBE® cools the hot flame gases extremely efficiently (up to 2.732 °F (1.500 °C). This reduces the volume of gas ejected and extinguishes the explosion fireball discharge.
Technical data
Product parameters
≤ 265 bar × m/s
≤ 9,6 bar
Minimum ignition energy
≥ 19 mJ
Minimum ignition temperature
≥ 380 °C
Static response pressure
0,1 bar
Max. red. explosion pressure Pred
0,59 bar
Ambient Temperature
-40 to +185 °F (-40 to +85 °C)
Dimensions and Weight
Nominal size Height Width Length Weight
305 x 610 mm 510 mm 580 mm 570 mm 33 kg
586 x 920 mm 750 mm 800 mm 1000 mm 68,5 kg
Applications + Industries
  • animal feed productions
  • aspiration plants
  • brewery
  • conveyors
  • destoners
  • elevators
  • filters
  • food
  • food production
  • mills and grinding plants
  • mixers
  • recycling
  • screens
  • silo
  • spray dryers
  • wood processing


Meets the requirements of NFPA 68

Meets the requirements of NFPA 68

Certified in
accordance with

EN 16009
EN 14797
ATEX EC type examination certificate no.GEX 19 ATEX 1019X

ATEX EC type
examination certificate no. GEX 19 ATEX 1019X

The combination of the Q-Ball® S and isolation systems prevents pressure waves and flames propagating to other parts of the plant.

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We would be happy to show you solutions tailored to your process that limit the effects of an explosion to a harmless level and ensure that production can be resumed quickly after an explosion event.
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